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Community Tested: Chamois Butt’r Makes Everything Bett’r

Join Sarah and the Squamish cycling community as they share their experiences with Chamois Butt’r’s diverse creams. From the soothing Eurostyle to the protective Her’ formula, discover how these products enhance riding comfort on both trails and roads.

Community Tested: Chamois Butt’r Makes Everything Bett’r

In my early days of riding, I had no idea what I was doing. I’m embarrassed to admit that I unknowingly wore a thong with my chamois shorts for years. It wasn’t until a friends’ perplexed facial expression confirmed that I was doing it all wrong. It turns out that it is just your bits and the chamois. After a lot of trial and error, I learned the importance of creating more comfort during long distance or race pace riding. My first introduction to chamois cream was Chamois Butt’r. Thanks to my first bike shop in Vancouver, Ride On Bike Shop, for introducing me to Chamois Buttr. I’ve used the Original and the Her’ chamois cream for years. I’ve chosen both for all types of riding and now am lucky enough to share the product with others. Having built my entire social life around cycling, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to share something I love with the people I love. Recently, friends of mine started a Sunday night family dinner gathering that entails sharing a cozy meal hosted at different houses. When it came my turn, I was jazzed to be able to make a meal for friends and have a table dedicated to all the incredible samples provided by Chamois Butt’r themselves.

When In Doubt, Cream It Out!

The folks at Chamois Butt’r have been saving sensitive bits for over 25 years. They believe that everyone should feel comfortable and confident while cycling. Whatever your flavor of outdoor activity is; the space should always feel welcoming, regardless of your background, body type, identity, gear, or skill level. They have been dedicated to using inclusive marketing practices to ensure all users are accurately represented in the packaging. Their greatest mission is to create more diversity and inclusivity in the cycling community. To consistently and sustainably uphold these values they work to support organizations who advocate for the same. Chamois Buttr walks the walk and talks the talk.

Butter Be Prepared

If you’re looking for a quick and easy application, choose any one of the tube products; Original, Coconut, Her’, Eurostyle Anti-chafe’s. The tubular shape allows for the cream to gravitate to the cap end after every use just like toothpaste. Each of these come in as a single use 9ml packet, 10 pack of 9 ml singles, 8 oz tube, and 75 pack of 9 ml singles. The environmentalist in me would steer clear of the single use, however, if you’re on the go and in a dire need for comfort mid ride the 9ml packet will save the day.

Despite the similarities in packaging and in keeping products consistent, Butt’r created the Coconut, Her’ and Eurostyle to reach all users. The Coconut is made with Certified Coconut Oil and Shea butter, when combined deeply moisturizes skin to reduce friction while helping to heal already chafed skin. Chamois Butt’r spent 5 years perfecting this natural chamois specifically for those with especially sensitive bits. To further the sensitivity trend, Chamois Butt’r founders wife along with professional female cyclists created Her’. Her’ ingredients include; lavender oil, shea butter, green tea leaf extract, aloe vera and tea tree oil. To help maintain natural body chemistry (pH), there are no parabens, phthalates, gluten or artificial fragences. Kicking it old school and a ooo aaa sensation, the Eurostyle offers a cooling and soothing effect from the menthol and witch hazel infusion. For the ultimate comfort during everyday endurance and bikepacking adventures, the Ultra Balm is the cream. After six years of putting this product to the test, the solid balm softens to touch and with one application you’ll be comfortable all day. Made with beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter and peppermint oil. When you get to the end of your Ultra Balm tin, wash it clean to store your snacks or a mini first aid kit. Finally, the GoStik comes in two sizes, 0.15 oz and 2.50 oz. GoStik has a high melting point that helps the anti-chafe product on your skin last longer. GoStik was designed for runners, cyclists, triathletes, and swimmers. This does not exclude those who experience chafing during any athletic or on the job activities.

From the Community: Chamois Butt’r in Action

It’s a no-brainer to test run a product I’ve been using for years and although it would be easy for me to gush about how much I love Chamois Butt’r, I felt it would be more credible for you to hear feedback from other riders of various facets. Without further adieu, thanks to the friends and acquaintances who tried out the Original, GoStik, Eurostyle and Her pH, here are their thoughts!

Alex’s Experience with Original Anti-Chafe Cream

Alex, a roadie who transitioned into a gravel powerhouse, tested the Original Anti-chafe cream from Chamois Butt’r. He found that it does not leave a greasy residue and enhances comfort on both short and long rides. The cream effectively remedies chafed or irritated skin and washes out of clothing easily without damaging or discoloring technical fabrics. Alex appreciates its consistency and texture, noting that the Original Anti-chafe cream is ‘the bee’s knees.’ He especially loves how it feels and regrets any ride where he forgets to apply it to his bits and bib.

Emily’s Take on GoStik

Emily is a trail running queen and an avid gravel and mountain bike rider, opted for the GoStik. Available in two sizes, 0.15 oz and 2.50 oz, the GoStik is designed for a variety of athletes, including runners, cyclists, triathletes, and swimmers. It has a high melting point, enhancing durability on the skin. Emily notes that applying the GoStik requires some force for even distribution but praises its solid paste for adhering well to skin and chamois. She appreciates the paste’s lightweight, non-greasy feel, which significantly enhances comfort during long rides, despite its slightly unusual scent.

Victoria’s Trust in Her’ Anti-Chafe

Victoria, a gravel adventure rider, has been a longtime user of the Her’ Anti-chafe from Chamois Butt’r. This natural chamois cream, perfected over five years and developed by the founder’s wife along with professional female cyclists, is specifically designed for those with sensitive bits. Its formulation includes lavender oil, shea butter, green tea leaf extract, aloe vera, and tea tree oil. Free from parabens, phthalates, gluten, and artificial fragrances, Her’ offers a smooth application. Victoria notes its effectiveness in preventing chafing during her 4+ hour rides, highlighting its non-greasy feel on both her skin and lycra clothing.

Sarah’s Long-Term Use of Chamois Buttr

Those who tested out the above were much more reserved with their feedback whereas I can comfortably speak more candidly about my experience with Chamois Buttr. I personally have a great deal of skin sensory issues which do not bode well with cycling. Wearing tight fitted lycra and layers trigger that discomfort immensely; then adding a cream to the mix is and has been very challenging. Despite all the layers of discomfort, applying Chamois Buttr to my bits has become a necessity.

My love story with Chamois Butt’r began in 2012 during my first and only Ride To Conquer Cancer. The event would mark my first long distance ride and where I learned a great deal about comfort on the saddle. Aside from the disadvantage of being completely inexperienced at long distance riding, I will never forget the level of discomfort I felt. I remember making it to the halfway point and feeling as though my vulva had dropped 100km back. I was completely numb. Some may laugh or cringe reading that but it's the truth. Shortly after this event I had a train of issues with fissures and saddle sores that took weeks to properly heal. My gynecologist was first to recommend finding a chamois cream to help me continue doing what I love but better. Discovering Chamois Buttr was the best thing to happen to me.

On a recent trip to Italy I brought with me the Mini GoStik. It is a perfect size for bikepacking and even better helped with my sensory sensitivities of having creams of any kind left on my hands. I was able to glide the Mini GoStik evenly onto my chammy. I find that a little goes a long way and the silky smooth cream creates the perfect barrier between my bits and the fabric; preventing any post ride discomfort.

I’ve been using the Chamois Buttr Original and Her pH products for over 10 years now and have not found the need to gravitate towards other brands. I have found the texture to be consistent throughout the duration of a ride and typically reapply after 4 hours.

Cooper’s Experience with Chamois Butt’r

Cooper is a mountain biker and a Dialed In Cycling colleague. Cooper is a devoted Butt’r Original user and shared that in one of his male friend circles, they are surprised by him both wearing chamois cream and chamois shorts. Upon hearing this story, I couldn’t help but wonder if within an advanced mountain bike riding level; that one is perceived as more “hardcore” if they ride without any sensitive bit protection. Being a woman and scholarly aware of toxic masculinity, I couldn’t help but lean strongly towards this notion that these “hardcore” or advanced riders are missing out on a great level of comfort for the sake of preserving their ego.

Wrapping Up

There is a reason the Chamois Butt’r brand has stood the test of time. With great humility and courage; they single handedly managed to take the Original Chamois cream and expand it based on users feedback and needs. For over 25 years the team has continued to consider athletic enthusiasts of various facets, gender, sexuality, race, and age; to ensure accessibility. I am most definitely biased when I say that it has been my ultimate partner for 45 minute cyclocross races, long consecutive days on the saddle exploring new places, and for the simple and short trail rides with friends.

Having once thought wearing underwear with the padded shorts was the ticket to solving my chafing issues; Chamois cream was a game changer in my long standing bike riding career. I no longer experience fissures, saddle sores, or vulva numbness. Whether you’re working up a sweat in your personalized sweat cave or enduring various weather conditions or durations; Chamois Butt’r is the go to sensitive bit protector of choice. When in doubt, cream it out!

✓ Pros
Easy to clean from clothing
Easy to wash off of skin
Various options in products
Not just for on the saddle or in action, can be used for skin flare up repairing
✕ Cons
On the go creams are single use packaging
Limited scents for each product
Tricky getting the last few drops of cream from the tube products
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