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Our mission is to help the cycling world through accessible bicycle data, tools and information.








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What is Bike Gear Database?

Bike Gear Database (BGDB) archives, normalizes and makes bike data accessible to anyone who may need it. Whether you are an at home mechanic, new to cycling and looking for your first bike or a professional frame builder - we have the data and tools you need.

Our Values

These values are are intended to keep us honest as a product and as a team—a reflection of our culture, how we operate and what we stand for.

Be Human

Even though data is the core of BGDB, we work hard to ensure that our product is human-centered and accessible to all.

Be Open

BGDB is about data and readily available information. Together these fuel knowledge and should never be kept behind a walled garden.

Be Brave

Being brave is not about being fearless - its about acknowledging and sitting with emotion which we believe makes for a good business.

Be Respectful

Our audience is not the source of our revenue. We will never exploit you or your personal data to make a dime. Promise.

The Team

BGDB is currently a team of one helped by few people around the world. If you love bikes and data please get in touch.

Barry Lachapelle founder
Barry Lachapelle

Founder & Bikepacker

Barry has been cycling and creating digital products for 20+ years. He was a design leader at IDEO, and now at Nike’s Innovation Lab.

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