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About Us

Bike Gear Database is for mountain bikers, cross-country riders, bikepackers and anyone interested in riding bikes in the dirt & gravel.

The Team

We are cyclists first and makers second. If you are interested in joining us, drop us a line.

sam rice
sam rice 🇬🇧

Sam is a global bikepacker, foodie, and writer/photographer for the Radavist. He is currently working on a bikepacking cookbook that we can’t wait to see.

immu 🇹🇭

Immu is the founder of Spinning Bear Bike Shop in Bangkok. When she's not in her shop you can find her bikepacking the steep jungle roads near Chiang Mai, Thailand.

tylor reimer
tylor reimer 🇨🇦

Tylor is a designer and cyclist from Manitoba, Canada. He is also the founder of The Cyclelist, the internets best bike bag comparison tool.

pedal slip
pedal slip 🇬🇧

Lew rides gravel and mountain bikes throughout the UK searching for adventure. He also goes by Pedal Slip while documenting his rides, photography and illustration work.

ashley szukalski
ashley szukalski 🇬🇧 🇯🇵

Ashley is a British designer living in Tokyo, Japan where you can find him hammering up the Tamagawa River trails. He also throws down on BGDB’s brand and design.

barry lachapelle
barry lachapelle 🇨🇦

Barry is the founder of Bike Gear Database, dad to two young cyclists, and can be found hammering through the forests of British Columbia.

gerald haueisen
gerald haueisen 🇦🇹

Gerald is a mechanical engineer, cyclist and photographer from Austria. Gerald focuses on mountain, gravel and bikepacking gear reviews.

mattie gould
mattie gould 🇬🇧

Mattie is an adventure writer and photographer currently based in Australia. He especially loves cycling and camping in the beautiful snowy mountains.

meaghan hackinen
meaghan hackinen 🇨🇦

Meaghan is a bike-obsessed bookworm on a lifelong hunt for exceptional cycling routes, both on and off the pavement. She lives in Kelowna, BC.

nate kay
nate kay 🇨🇦 🇺🇸

Nate has over 25 years of web strategy and marketing experience. He is a pivotal member of Bike Gear Database’s data analytics, strategy and direction.

brigitte ward
brigitte ward 🇨🇦

As Editor of Bike Gear Database, Brigitte makes all of us sound (and read) as good as possible. She is also a writer, a tender of gardens, and mother of two small dragons.

tara weir
tara weir 🇨🇦

Tara is an adventure cyclist and bikepacker with 42,000 KMs through 21 countries under her belt. When not on her bike, Tara is a forestry worker in Northern B.C.

jay pozo
jay pozo 🇨🇦

From Vancouver, British Columbia Jay is a gravel/road cyclist and street photographer. An early supporter, Jay continues giving great insight into BGDB.

bec norman
bec norman 🇳🇿

Bec is full-time bikepacker from New Zealand who combines her passion for adventure photography, food and storytelling to inspire others to travel by bike.

salty beard
salty beard 🇨🇦

Robert aka Salty Beard Bikepacking is one of Canada’s most prominent bikepacking YouTubers. From Victoria, B.C., Rob spends his days training for races like the BC Epic.

Our Friends

We have been lucky to work with some of the best off-road and bikepacking brands on earth. If you are an off-road centric cycling brand and would like to collaborate let us know.

7Mesh Apparel
Knolly Bikes
Panorama Cycles
Swift Industries
Bike Gear Database is poudly made in Esquimalt, British Columbia, Canada—the traditional lands of the Songhees First Nations.

We urge everyone to purchase gear in shops and support local communities. However, if you do choose to buy online some of our gear reviews contain affiliate links which support the site and our ability to make great content.