Mountain Bikes

What are mountain bikes these days? They may be hard to clearly define but our mountain bike database has it all—enduro, XC, hardtail, whatever. Whether you are looking to do some free riding or launch some gaps, chances are we have what you need.

5010 Rsanta-cruz2022$4799
5010 Ssanta-cruz2022$5799
5010 X01santa-cruz2022$7799
5010 X01 AXS RSVsanta-cruz2022$9599
5010 XTsanta-cruz2022$6799
820 Women'strek2021$370
Anthem 29 2giant2020$2330
Anthem Advanced Pro 29 0giant2020$8630
Anthem Advanced Pro 29 1giant2020$4280
Beargrease C Deore 11salsa2022$2899
Beargrease C SLXsalsa2022$3599
Beargrease C X01 Eaglesalsa2022$7099
Big Honzokona2021$1130
Big Honzo DLkona2021$1350
Blackthorn Carbon GX Eaglesalsa2021$6299
Blackthorn Carbon SLXsalsa2021$4999
Blackthorn Carbon X01 Eaglesalsa2021$7899
Blackthorn Deore 12-Speedsalsa2021$3299
Blackthorn SLXsalsa2021$4099
Blur R TRsanta-cruz2022$4599
Blur Ssanta-cruz2022$5199
Blur S TRsanta-cruz2022$5499
Blur X01santa-cruz2022$7349
Blur X01 AXS RSVsanta-cruz2022$9149
Blur X01 AXS TR RSVsanta-cruz2022$9449
Blur X01 TRsanta-cruz2022$7649
Blur XTsanta-cruz2022$6149
Blur XT TRsanta-cruz2022$6449
Blur XX1 AXS RSVsanta-cruz2022$11299
Blur XX1 AXS TR RSVsanta-cruz2022$11599
Bronson Rsanta-cruz2022$5049
Bronson Ssanta-cruz2022$5949
Bronson X01santa-cruz2022$8049
Bronson X01 AXS RSVsanta-cruz2022$9849
Bronson XTsanta-cruz2022$6949
Bronson XX1 AXS RSVsanta-cruz2022$11399
Cannondale Trail SE 1 cannondale2021$2000
Cannondale Trail SE 2 cannondale2021$1700
Cannondale Trail SE 3 cannondale2021$1300
Cannondale Trail SE 4 cannondale2021$1100
Cannondale Trail Women's SE 3 cannondale2021$1300
Cannondale Trail Women's SE 4 cannondale2021$1100
Cassidy Carbon GX Eaglesalsa2021$6399
Cassidy Carbon SLXsalsa2021$4999
Cassidy SLXsalsa2021$4099
Chameleon D Aluminumsanta-cruz2022$2149
Chameleon D+ Aluminumsanta-cruz2022$2149
Chameleon R Aluminumsanta-cruz2022$2649
Chameleon R Carbon Csanta-cruz2022$2999
Chameleon R+ Aluminumsanta-cruz2022$2649
Chameleon R+ Carbon Csanta-cruz2022$2999
Cinder Conekona2021$830
Cujo 1 cannondale2021$1700
Cujo 2 cannondale2021$1350
Cujo 3 cannondale2021$1150
Duel 27s Alivio 2x9spbianchi2021$1000
Duel 29s Alivio 2x9spbianchi2021$1000
Enduro Elitespecialized2020$5180
Enduro Expertspecialized2020$6380
Epic Hardtailspecialized2020$2250
Epic Hardtail Compspecialized2020$2630
F-Si Carbon 2 cannondale2021$5550
F-Si Carbon 3 cannondale2021$4000
F-Si Carbon 4 cannondale2021$3350
F-Si Carbon 5 cannondale2021$2400
F-Si Carbon Women's 2 cannondale2021$3500
F-Si Hi-MOD 1 cannondale2021$8600
F-Si Hi-MOD World Cup cannondale2021$11000
Farley 7trek2021$2330
Farley 9.6trek2021$3080
Fat CAAD 1 cannondale2021$2000
Fatboy Comp Carbonspecialized2020$3380
Fatboy SEspecialized2020$1500
Fathom 1giant2020$1470
Fathom 2giant2020$1200
Fathom 29 1giant2020$1470
Fathom 29 2giant2020$1090
Fire Mountainkona2021$640
Frank AXS GX Eaglebearclaw2021$5990
Frank GX Eaglebearclaw2021$5140
Frank X01 Eaglebearclaw2021$6190
Fuel EX 5trek2021$2100
Fuel EX 7trek2021$2630
Fuel EX 8 GXtrek2021$3230
Fuel EX 8 XTtrek2021$3230
Fuel EX 9.7trek2021$3980
Fuel EX 9.8 GXtrek2021$5480
Fuel EX 9.8 XTtrek2021$5480
Fuel EX 9.9 X01 AXStrek2021$8520
Fuel EX 9.9 XO1trek2021$7500
Fuse 27.5specialized2020$1200
Fuse Comp 29specialized2020$1500
Fuse Expert 29specialized2020$2030
Ghost Grapplersurly2022$1899
Habit 4 cannondale2021$2800
Habit 5 cannondale2021$2300
Habit 6 cannondale2021$2100
Habit Carbon 1 cannondale2021$5500
Habit Carbon 2 cannondale2021$4000
Habit Carbon 3 cannondale2021$4200
Habit Carbon SE cannondale2021$4750
Habit Carbon Women's 1 cannondale2021$4200
Habit Women's 2 cannondale2021$2700
Habit Women's Carbon 2 cannondale2021$4000
Hardtail Mountain Bike GX Eaglebearclaw2021$4790
Hei Heikona2021$2100
Hei Hei CRkona2021$3450
Hei Hei CR/DLkona2021$4880
Highball Rsanta-cruz2022$3299
Highball Ssanta-cruz2022$4049
Highball XTsanta-cruz2022$4699
Hightower D Aluminumsanta-cruz2022$3549
Hightower R Aluminumsanta-cruz2022$3999
Hightower R Carbon Csanta-cruz2022$4949
Hightower S Aluminumsanta-cruz2022$4899
Hightower S Carbon Csanta-cruz2022$5949
Hightower X01 AXS RSV Carbon CCsanta-cruz2022$9849
Hightower X01 Carbon CCsanta-cruz2022$8049
Hightower XT Carbon Csanta-cruz2022$6949
Honzo DLkona2021$1800
Honzo ESDkona2021$2250
Horsethief Carbon SLXsalsa2021$4799
Horsethief Carbon XTsalsa2021$5699
Horsethief Carbon XTRsalsa2021$7099
Horsethief SLXsalsa2021$3399
Horsethief SX Eaglesalsa2021$2799
Ice Cream Trucksurly2022$2099
Jekyll 29 4 cannondale2021$3400
Jekyll Carbon 29 1 cannondale2021$7500
Jekyll Carbon 29 2 cannondale2021$5750
Jekyll Carbon 29 3 cannondale2021$4250
Jekyll Carbon Women's 1 cannondale2021$4250
Karate Monkeysurly2022$1799
Lava Domekona2021$640
Magma 9.0 Deore 1x11spbianchi2021$1500
Magma 9.0 NX 1x11sp bianchi2021-
Magma 9.2 Alivio/Altus 2x9spbianchi2021-
Magma 9.S SX EAGLE 1x12spbianchi2021-
Magma 9S Deore 1x12spbianchi2021-
Marlin 4trek2021$460
Marlin 5trek2021$510
Marlin 5 Women'strek2021$510
Marlin 6trek2021$620
Marlin 6 Women'strek2021$620
Marlin 7trek2021$780
Megatower Rsanta-cruz2022$5149
Megatower Ssanta-cruz2022$6149
Megatower X01 Airsanta-cruz2022$8449
Megatower X01 AXS Coil RSVsanta-cruz2022$10249
Megatower X01 AXS RSVsanta-cruz2022$10249
Megatower X01 Coilsanta-cruz2022$8449
Megatower XT Airsanta-cruz2022$7049
Megatower XT Coilsanta-cruz2022$7049
Methanol CV FS 9.1 XX1 Eagle AXS 1x12sp bianchi2021$12200
Methanol CV FS 9.2 XTR XT 1x12spbianchi2021-
Methanol CV FS 9.3 XT SLX 1x12spbianchi2021-
Methanol CV RS 9.2 XTR 1x12spbianchi2021-
Methanol CV RS 9.3 XT 1x12spbianchi2021-
Methanol CV RS XX1 Eagle AXS 1x12spbianchi2021-
Methanol CV S 9.1 GX Eagle 1x12sp bianchi2021-
Mukluk C XTsalsa2022$4199
Mukluk microSHIFT ADVENT Xsalsa2022$2099
Nitron 9.2 XT SLX 1x12spbianchi2021-
Nitron 9.3 XT SLX 1x12spbianchi2021-
Nitron 9.4 NX SX Eagle 1x12spbianchi2021-
Nitron XT Deore 1x12spbianchi2021-
Nomad Rsanta-cruz2022$5149
Nomad Ssanta-cruz2022$6249
Nomad X01 Airsanta-cruz2022$8449
Nomad X01 Air AXS RSVsanta-cruz2022$10249
Nomad X01 Coilsanta-cruz2022$8449
Nomad X01 Coil AXS RSVsanta-cruz2022$10249
Nomad XT Airsanta-cruz2022$7049
Nomad XT Coilsanta-cruz2022$7049
Operator CRkona2021$3900
Pitch 27.5specialized2020$570
Pitch Comp 2Xspecialized2020$700
Pitch Expert 1Xspecialized2020$830
Pitch Sportspecialized2020$640
Play Bike 2.0 - Matte Black Reflectivelandyachtz2021$1399
Play Bike 2.0 Trail Editionlandyachtz2021$2549
Procaliber 9.5trek2021$2070
Procaliber 9.6trek2021$2630
Procaliber 9.7trek2021$3980
Process 134 27.5kona2021$1880
Process 134 29kona2021$1880
Process 134 CR 29kona2021$3750
Process 134 CR/DL 29kona2021$4650
Process 134 DL 27.5kona2021$2930
Process 134 DL 29kona2021$2930
Process 134 Supremekona2021$8250
Process 153 27.5kona2021$2400
Process 153 29kona2021$2400
Process 153 DL 29kona2021$2930
Process Xkona2021$3900
Process X DLkona2021$5400
Rangefinder Advent X 27.5+salsa2022$1099
Rangefinder Advent X 29salsa2022$1099
Rangefinder Deore 10 27.5+salsa2022$1099
Rangefinder Deore 10 29salsa2022$1099
Rangefinder Deore 11 27.5+salsa2022$1499
Rangefinder Deore 11 29salsa2022$1499
Rangefinder Deore 12 27.5+salsa2022$1699
Rangefinder Deore 12 29salsa2022$1699
Reign 2giant2020$2400
Reign 29 2giant2020$2590
Reign Advancedgiant2020$3980
Reign Advanced Pro 29 0giant2020$6980
Reign Advanced Pro 29 1giant2020$4240
Reign Advanced Pro 29 2giant2020$3380
Reign E+ 2 Progiant2020$4730
Remedy 8trek2021$3680
Remedy 9.8trek2021$5530
Roscoe 6trek2021$980
Roscoe 7trek2021$1170
Roscoe 8trek2021$1580
Rustler Carbon SLXsalsa2020$4799
Rustler Carbon XTsalsa2020$5699
Rustler Carbon XTRsalsa2020$7499
Rustler SLXsalsa2020$3399
Rustler SX Eaglesalsa2020$2799
S-Works Endurospecialized2020$9380
S-Works Stumpjumper 29specialized2020$9000
S-Works Stumpjumper SRAM AXS 29specialized2020$10520
Scalpel Carbon 2 cannondale2021$6300
Scalpel Carbon 3 cannondale2021$4500
Scalpel Carbon LTD cannondale2021$7500
Scalpel Carbon SE 1 cannondale2021$5800
Scalpel Carbon SE 2 cannondale2021$4000
Scalpel Carbon SE LTD cannondale2021$7500
Scalpel Carbon Women's SE cannondale2021$4100
Scalpel Hi-MOD 1 cannondale2021$9450
Scalpel Hi-MOD Ultimate cannondale2021$12000
Scalpel-Si Carbon 2 cannondale2021$7150
Scalpel-Si Carbon 3 cannondale2021$6000
Scalpel-Si Carbon 4 cannondale2021$4500
Scalpel-Si Carbon SE cannondale2021$5000
Scalpel-Si Carbon Women's 1 cannondale2021$6000
Scalpel-Si Carbon Women's 2 cannondale2021$4500
Scalpel-Si Hi-MOD 1 cannondale2021$8800
Scalpel-Si Hi-Mod World Cup cannondale2021$11000
Scarlet 1 cannondale2021$1350
Session 8 27.5trek2021$4500
Session 9.9 29trek2021$7880
Slash 7trek2021$3380
Slash 8trek2021$3750
Slash 9.7trek2021$4650
Slash 9.8 GXtrek2021$6000
Slash 9.8 XTtrek2021$6000
Slash 9.9 XO1trek2021$7800
Slash 9.9 XTRtrek2021$8290
Spearfish Carbon SLXsalsa2021$4799
Spearfish Carbon XTsalsa2021$5699
Spearfish Carbon XTRsalsa2021$7499
Spearfish Deore 12salsa2021$2799
Spearfish SLXsalsa2021$3399
Stance 2giant2020$1500
Stance 29 2giant2020$1500
Stumpjumper 29specialized2020$2630
Stumpjumper Comp Alloy 27.5specialized2020$3000
Stumpjumper Comp Alloy 29specialized2020$3000
Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 27.5specialized2020$4200
Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 29specialized2020$4200
Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy 27.5specialized2020$3380
Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy 29specialized2020$3380
Stumpjumper EVO Comp Carbon 27.5specialized2020$4730
Stumpjumper EVO Comp Carbon 29specialized2020$4730
Stumpjumper EVO Pro 27.5specialized2020$6750
Stumpjumper EVO Pro 29specialized2020$6750
Stumpjumper Expert Carbon 27.5specialized2020$5630
Stumpjumper Expert Carbon 29specialized2020$5630
Stumpjumper Pemberton LTD Edition 29specialized2020$7500
Stumpjumper ST Alloy 27.5specialized2020$2100
Stumpjumper ST Alloy 29specialized2020$2100
Stumpjumper ST Comp Alloy 29specialized2020$3000
Stumpjumper ST LTD Downieville Carbon 29specialized2020$6230
Supercaliber 9.7trek2021$4730
Supercaliber 9.8 GXtrek2021$5780
Supercaliber 9.8 XTtrek2021$5780
Supercaliber 9.9 XTRtrek2021$8890
Supercaliber 9.9 XX1trek2021$9380
Supercaliber 9.9 XX1 AXStrek2021$10350
Tallboy D Aluminumsanta-cruz2022$3349
Tallboy R Aluminumsanta-cruz2022$3899
Tallboy R Carbon Csanta-cruz2022$4649
Tallboy S Carbon Csanta-cruz2022$5699
Tallboy X01 AXS RSV Carbon CCsanta-cruz2022$9049
Tallboy X01 Carbon CCsanta-cruz2022$7899
Tallboy XT Carbon Csanta-cruz2022$8099
Talon 1giant2020$900
Talon 2giant2020$700
Talon 29 1giant2020$900
Talon 29 3giant2020$530
Talon 3giant2020$530
Tango 1 cannondale2021$1300
Tango 2 cannondale2021$1000
Tango 3 cannondale2021$780