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Open Trail Sticker

Say Hello to the Open Trail decal designed by Denis Carrier. These vinyl stickers will be with you rain or shine for a long, long time. $3 and shipping globally. Get some.

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Our Open Trail sticker transports you to the heart of lush forests and misty mountains. The trail depicted on each sticker serves as a portal, inviting you to relive those breathtaking moments of your cycling adventures. Whether you're deep in the woods conquering mountains or simply sitting at your desk, these decals encapsulate the spirit of the open trail.

The Open Trail graphic was designed by Denis Carrier of BCS Studio and Studiofolk in the French Alps. With over 10 years of illustration and design experience Denis is one of the premier designers in the cycling industry. Denis is a true craftsperson who has worked with brands such as Rodeo Labs, Wilderness Trail Bikes and Paul Components. Make sure to check out his work on the sites above and follow his Instagram here.

Crafted from top-tier vinyl, these stickers are designed to endure the elements, remaining steadfast through rain and shine. Their durability is unmatched, resisting scratches and maintaining their sharp appearance even after countless rides. They're weatherproof, scratch-resistant and easily adhere to various surfaces, allowing you to personalize water bottles, helmets, and more.

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Open Trail Sticker


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