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The Bike Gear Database Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Our second annual Bikepacking & Off-Road Cycling Gift Guide is a curated list of the top gifts for 2023. Handpicked by our team, discover trusted products from big-name brands to bespoke one-person shops. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or gifting one, find the perfect gift here.

The Bike Gear Database Holiday Gift Guide 2023

If you're here, it's likely you have a penchant for pedals, an allure for all terrains and a serious addiction to bikepacking and off-road cycling gear. Good news: The Bike Gear Database (BGDB) team has poured its expertise into crafting this gift guide just for you.

The cycling world is vast, offering everything from high-end brand products to unique creations from solo artisans, each with its own story. This year, we're especially excited about the Whisper of Reckoning Slingshot by WZRD. Bikes, a smart cradle from RatKing Frames, and some serious bling from Tomii Cycles. Rest assured, every item in this guide carries the BGDB stamp of quality. Whether you're a biking novice or a trail-blazing veteran, we've got gear to elevate your experience. And while some links here are affiliate links, our endorsement of these products remains genuine.

Happy holidays from the BGDB team!

1. Bikes & Components
2. Bags & Storage
3. Apparel
4. Camping Gear
5. Accessories
Bikes & Components

Whether you're seeking a rugged bike for challenging terrains or precision-engineered components for a smoother ride, we've got you covered. Dive in and discover the pinnacle of cycling innovation, handpicked for enthusiasts like you.

Bags & Storage

From compact saddlebags for quick getaways to sturdy racks for extended trips, find the perfect companion for your travels. Crafted for durability and convenience, these bags promise to be the unsung heroes of your expeditions.


Step into the world of stylish and functional apparel tailored for the modern bikepacker and off-road cyclist. Whether it's breathable jackets for those uphill climbs or weather-resistant gear for unpredictable trails, our curated collection ensures you ride in comfort while looking your absolute best.

Camping Gear

From ultra-light tents that pack a punch to cooking gear for the trail gourmet, every item promises reliability under the stars. Explore gear that's not just about utility, but also about enhancing those cherished moments in the wild.


Gear up with our handpicked selection of must-have accessories for every bikepacking enthusiast and off-road cyclist! This section is a treasure trove of items that promise to elevate every ride. Dive in and discover tools and trinkets designed to enhance your cycling adventures.

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