Toob: Accessories Made From Recycled Tubes

December 30, 2022

barry lachapelle
barry lachapelle

We just love coming across makers doing great things on Instagram. We especially love it when they craft products out of recycled and up-cycled parts. Up-cycling has been a common theme on this site but we are still surprised at how little this seemingly untapped resource gets utilized.

I happened upon Tel Aviv-based, Toob, last week and was blown away at how well the brand presents itself and its products to the world. I reached out to the founder Roy who told me that he collects used tubes from local bike shops to craft nifty accessories like rack straps and keychains. Each tube gets a thorough cleaning and inspection before moving on to its new life. Roy is taking something that is ultimately on its way to becoming pollution and turning it into thoughtful, beautiful accessories with a much longer lifespan. We especially love Roy's handmade basket straps.

We love everything about this and makers take note. Get up-cycling!

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