See-Through Framebag by HMPL Design

January 24, 2023

barry lachapelle
barry lachapelle

If there was ever a Bag of the Year Award (note: there needs to be a Bag of the Year Award), last year's prize would have undoubtedly gone to Vancouver’s HMPL Design for the clear pocket framebag. The clear pocket was such a simple way to allow a rider to jazz up their bikepacking kit that it was almost laughable. Once you saw it, it was hard to imagine any framebag without it. 

It seems Scott and Matt took the learnings from that bag and pushed the clear envelope even harder to create the world’s first fully transparent vinyl framebag. Looking at the photos makes you wonder how it took this long for such a wonderful idea to enter the world. Over the next week, Scott will be snapping some more photos of the bag filled with fun paraphernalia and we hope to update this page as it happens. 

Bag makers: more of this, please.