Circuit Board Stem Caps by Jason Quinn

January 7, 2023

barry lachapelle
barry lachapelle

Jason Quinn is an engineer and television broadcast manager from New Mexico, USA. I started speaking to Jason over Instagram last year as I noticed he is a mountain biker and makery type—my favorite combo of human traits. I also had a chuckle at his Instagram handle @rolling_a_fatty for which he designed some pretty awesome t-shirts.

Jason's Instagram feed is an eclectic mix of the stuff he creates that may or may not be cycling-related. Some of the items that Jason makes out of stone and wood include bowls, plates, skulls, and mask carvings. All the natural materials are sourced while Jason is either out riding his fat bike or his motorbike through rural New Mexico.

About a month ago, he uploaded a photo of a circuit board stem cap that caught my attention. I have seen a few stem caps now that have been made out of non-traditional materials but nothing quite like a circuit board. The project was conceived by his friend @vintagemotovixen but seems to have grown in scale since that prototype. Jason calls them E/Caps and builds them from broken TVs and transmission equipment from the TV station he works at. If you dig them, you can get them on his Etsy store. Wild stuff.