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santa cruz

Santa Cruz is a high-end mountain bike manufacturer hailing from Santa Cruz, California (crazy, right?). Founded by a pro skateboarder and the founder of Santa Cruz skateboards in 1993, the company was sold to a dutch holdings group in 2015. Currently, the company specializes in carbon and aluminum frames for pretty much every type of mountain riding out there.


2841 Mission Street
Santa Cruz
CA, 95060





santa-cruz Bikes

Blur X01 TRmountain2022
Heckler S 27.5mountain2022
Nomad XT Coilmountain2022
Bronson X01 AXS RSVmountain2022
Tallboy S Carbon Cmountain2022
Highball XTmountain2022
Hightower S Carbon Cmountain2022
Nomad X01 Coilmountain2022
Bullit X01 Air AXS RSVelectric2022
Chameleon R+ Carbon Cmountain2022
Nomad X01 Air AXS RSVmountain2022
Bronson Smountain2022
Tallboy D Aluminummountain2022
Chameleon D Aluminummountain2022
5010 Smountain2022
Blur XX1 AXS RSVmountain2022
V10 DH S 29mountain2022
Nomad Rmountain2022
Nomad XT Airmountain2022
V10 DH X01 29mountain2022
Hightower R Aluminummountain2022
Chameleon R+ Aluminummountain2022
V10 DH X01 27.5mountain2022
Nomad X01 Coil AXS RSVmountain2022
V10 DH X01 MXmountain2022
Heckler XT MXmountain2022
Bullit XT Coilelectric2022
Chameleon D+ Aluminummountain2022
V10 DH S 27.5mountain2022
Heckler S MXmountain2022
Megatower XT Airmountain2022
Bronson XX1 AXS RSVmountain2022
Blur X01mountain2022
Megatower X01 AXS RSVmountain2022
Hightower X01 Carbon CCmountain2022
Hightower X01 AXS RSV Carbon CCmountain2022
5010 Rmountain2022
Stigmata Force 2Xgravel2022
Bronson X01mountain2022
Tallboy X01 Carbon CCmountain2022
Hightower R Carbon Cmountain2022
Blur XX1 AXS TR RSVmountain2022
Megatower X01 Coilmountain2022
5010 XTmountain2022
Blur R TRmountain2022
Highball Smountain2022
Bullit XT Airelectric2022
Blur XT TRmountain2022
Blur XTmountain2022
Blur S TRmountain2022
Megatower X01 Airmountain2022
5010 X01 AXS RSVmountain2022
Megatower Smountain2022
Blur X01 AXS RSVmountain2022
Megatower XT Coilmountain2022
Tallboy XT Carbon Cmountain2022
Bullit Selectric2022
Hightower D Aluminummountain2022
Tallboy R Carbon Cmountain2022
Heckler X01 RSV MXmountain2022
Bullit Relectric2022
Heckler XT 27.5mountain2022
Chameleon R Carbon Cmountain2022
Chameleon R Aluminummountain2022
Highball Rmountain2022
Megatower Rmountain2022
Bronson XTmountain2022
Hightower S Aluminummountain2022
V10 DH S MXmountain2022
5010 X01mountain2022
Stigmata GRXgravel2022
Blur X01 AXS TR RSVmountain2022
Hightower XT Carbon Cmountain2022
Stigmata Force 1Xgravel2022
Megatower X01 AXS Coil RSVmountain2022
Heckler R 27.5mountain2022
Heckler X01 RSV 27.5mountain2022
Tallboy X01 AXS RSV Carbon CCmountain2022
Stigmata Force 1Xgravel2022
Heckler R MXmountain2022
Nomad X01 Airmountain2022
Tallboy R Aluminummountain2022
Nomad Smountain2022
Bullit X01 Coil AXS RSVelectric2022
Stigmata Rivalgravel2022
Bronson Rmountain2022
Blur Smountain2022