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Bianchi is the world’s oldest bicycle manufacturer. Famed for pioneering the use of two equal-sized pneumatic tires. For close to 70 years, Bianchi also manufactured motorcycles and automobiles. The automobile group sold to Fiat in the late 60s. Today, Bianchi produces some of the best bicycles on earth. Always recognizable by the famous color, Celeste.


Via delle Battaglie, 5
BG, 24047


US: +1(510)264-1001



bianchi Bikes

Magma 9S Deore 1x12spmountain2021
T-Tronik Sport TRK 9.1 Deore 1x10spelectric2021
Infinito XE Ultegra 11sproad2021
Infinito XE 105 11sproad2021
E-Spillo Luxury Gentelectric2021
Oltre XR4 Disc Red ETAP AXS 12sproad2021
Via Nirone 7 Claris 8sproad2021
Aria Ultegra 11sproad2021
Methanol CV FS 9.2 XTR XT 1x12spmountain2021
Specialissima Ultegra Di2 11sproad2021
E-Spillo Active Ladyelectric2021
Aria Disc Ultegra Di2 11sproad2021
Via Nirone 7 Allroadgravel2021
Methanol CV S 9.1 GX Eagle 1x12sp mountain2021
Arcadex GRX DI2 1x11spgravel2021
e-Omnia T Type Lady XT 1x12spelectric2021
Oltre XR4 Disc Ultegra Di2 11sproad2021
Arcadex GRX 600 1X11SPgravel2021
e-Omnia T Type Lady Nexus 5spelectric2021
Methanol CV FS 9.3 XT SLX 1x12spmountain2021
Nitron 9.2 XT SLX 1x12spmountain2021
E-Spillo Active SF Gentelectric2021
E-Spillo Cityelectric2021
Sprint Force etap AXS 12sproad2021
Sprint Discroad2021
Infinito CV Ultegra 11sproad2021
E-Spillo Luxury Ladyelectric2021
Specialissima Red Etap AXS 12sproad2021
e-Omnia T Type Gent Nexus 5spelectric2021
Duel 29s Alivio 2x9spmountain2021
Magma 9.2 Alivio/Altus 2x9spmountain2021
Methanol CV RS 9.3 XT 1x12spmountain2021
e-Omnia T Type Lasy Deore 10spelectric2021
e-Omnia T Type Gent Deore 10spelectric2021
Aria Disc Ultegra 11sproad2021
Infinito CV Ultegra Di2 11sproad2021
Specialissima Super Record EPS 12sproad2021
Nero SSactive2021
Oltre XR4 Ultegra Di2 11sproad2021
E-Spillo Classic Ladyelectric2021
Oltre XR4 Dura Ace Di2 11sproad2021
Magma 9.0 NX 1x11sp mountain2021
Methanol CV RS 9.2 XTR 1x12spmountain2021
Nitron 9.3 XT SLX 1x12spmountain2021
Methanol CV RS XX1 Eagle AXS 1x12spmountain2021
Arcadex GRX 810 1x11spgravel2021
Nitron 9.4 NX SX Eagle 1x12spmountain2021
Magma 9.0 Deore 1x11spmountain2021
Duel 27s Alivio 2x9spmountain2021
Infinito CV Force Etap AXS 12sproad2021
Nitron XT Deore 1x12spmountain2021
Oltre XR3 Ultegra 11sproad2021
Oltre XR4 Ultegra 11sproad2021
Via Nirone 7 105 11sproad2021
Sprint Disc 105 11sproad2021
E-Spillo Active Gentelectric2021
E-Spillo Active SF Ladyelectric2021
e-Omnia FT Type XT 1x12spelectric2021
Specialissima Dura Ace Di2 11sproad2021
Sprint Disc Ultegra 11sproad2021
T-Tronik Sport TRK Altus 1x9spelectric2021
e-Omnia T Type gent XT 1x12spelectric2021
Zolder Progravel2021
Long Islandelectric2021
Aria Disc 105 11sproad2021
Specialissima Ultegra 11sproad2021
Magma 9.S SX EAGLE 1x12spmountain2021
Impulso Allroad GRX 810 11spgravel2021
Sprint 105 11sproad2021
Methanol CV FS 9.1 XX1 Eagle AXS 1x12sp mountain2021
E-Spillo Classic Gentelectric2021
Impulso Allroad GRX 600 11spgravel2021
Oltre XR4 Dura Ace 11sproad2021
Oltre XR3 Ultegra Di2 11sproad2021
Impulso e-Allroad Tourerelectric2021
Via Nirone 7 Sora 9sproad2021