Hardtail Bikes

Hardtail bikes may feel like they have been forgotten by most. But for those of who know—hardtails are the way to go. Easily the most versatile bikes out there, hardtails can be used for almost anything including bikepacking, gravel and even keeping up with your enduro friends.

Cannondale Trail SE 1 cannondale2021$2000
Cannondale Trail SE 2 cannondale2021$1700
Cannondale Trail SE 3 cannondale2021$1300
Cannondale Trail SE 4 cannondale2021$1100
Cannondale Trail Women's SE 3 cannondale2021$1300
Cannondale Trail Women's SE 4 cannondale2021$1100
Chameleon D Aluminumsanta-cruz2022$2149
Chameleon D+ Aluminumsanta-cruz2022$2149
Chameleon R Aluminumsanta-cruz2022$2649
Chameleon R Carbon Csanta-cruz2022$2999
Chameleon R+ Aluminumsanta-cruz2022$2649
Chameleon R+ Carbon Csanta-cruz2022$2999
Cujo 1 cannondale2021$1700
Cujo 2 cannondale2021$1350
Cujo 3 cannondale2021$1150
El Kahunakona2021$2480
Epic Hardtailspecialized2020$2250
Epic Hardtail Compspecialized2020$2630
F-Si Carbon 2 cannondale2021$5550
F-Si Carbon 4 cannondale2021$3350
F-Si Carbon 5 cannondale2021$2400
F-Si Carbon Women's 2 cannondale2021$3500
F-Si Hi-MOD 1 cannondale2021$8600
F-Si Hi-MOD World Cup cannondale2021$11000
Fat CAAD 1 cannondale2021$2000
Fatboy Comp Carbonspecialized2020$3380
Fatboy SEspecialized2020$1500
Fathom 1giant2020$1470
Fathom 2giant2020$1200
Fathom 29 1giant2020$1470
Fathom 29 2giant2020$1090
Fuel EX 5trek2021$2100
Fuse 27.5specialized2020$1200
Fuse Comp 29specialized2020$1500
Fuse Expert 29specialized2020$2030
Ghost Grapplersurly2022$1899
Highball Rsanta-cruz2022$3299
Highball Ssanta-cruz2022$4049
Highball XTsanta-cruz2022$4699
Karate Monkeysurly2022$1799
Lava Domekona2021$640
Magma 9S Deore 1x12spbianchi2021-
Marlin 4trek2021$460
Marlin 5trek2021$510
Marlin 5 Women'strek2021$510
Marlin 6trek2021$620
Marlin 6 Women'strek2021$620
Marlin 7trek2021$780
Methanol CV FS 9.2 XTR XT 1x12spbianchi2021-
Methanol CV FS 9.3 XT SLX 1x12spbianchi2021-
Methanol CV RS 9.3 XT 1x12spbianchi2021-
Methanol CV S 9.1 GX Eagle 1x12sp bianchi2021-
Nitron 9.2 XT SLX 1x12spbianchi2021-
Nitron 9.3 XT SLX 1x12spbianchi2021-
Nitron XT Deore 1x12spbianchi2021-
Pitch 27.5specialized2020$570
Pitch Comp 2Xspecialized2020$700
Pitch Expert 1Xspecialized2020$830
Pitch Sportspecialized2020$640
Play Bike 2.0 Trail Editionlandyachtz2021$2549
Procaliber 9.5trek2021$2070
Procaliber 9.6trek2021$2630
Rangefinder Advent X 27.5+salsa2022$1099
Rangefinder Deore 12 27.5+salsa2022$1699
Rangefinder Deore 12 29salsa2022$1699
Roscoe 6trek2021$980
Roscoe 7trek2021$1170
Roscoe 8trek2021$1580
Scarlet 1 cannondale2021$1350
Stance 2giant2020$1500
Stance 29 2giant2020$1500
Stumpjumper 29specialized2020$2630
Stumpjumper ST Alloy 27.5specialized2020$2100
Talon 1giant2020$900
Talon 2giant2020$700
Talon 29 1giant2020$900
Talon 29 3giant2020$530
Talon 3giant2020$530
Tango 1 cannondale2021$1300
Tango 2 cannondale2021$1000
Tango 3 cannondale2021$780
Tango 4 cannondale2021$650
Tango 5 cannondale2021$560
Tango 6 cannondale2021$485
Titanium Monster Bikelandyachtz2021$3500
Trail 1 cannondale2021$1850
Trail 2 cannondale2021$1600
Trail 3 cannondale2021$1300
Trail 4 cannondale2021$1000
Trail 5 cannondale2021$875
Trail 6 cannondale2021$775
Trail 7 cannondale2021$675
Trail 8 cannondale2021$575
Trail Women's 5 cannondale2021$875
Trail Women's 6 cannondale2021$775
Trail Women's 7 cannondale2021$675
Trail Women's 8 cannondale2021$575
Turbo Levo SL Compspecialized2020$6680
Unit Xkona2021$1130
X-Caliber 7trek2021$940
X-Caliber 8trek2021$1200
X-Caliber 9trek2021$1500
XTC Advanced 29 1giant2020$3530
XTC Advanced 29 2giant2020$2400