Electric Off-Road Bikes

Love them or hate them, ebikes are the fastest growing form of cycling. They have transformed how and who can ride. Find the latest e-mtbs and e-gravel here.

Bullit Rsanta-cruz2022$8249
Bullit Ssanta-cruz2022$9249
Bullit X01 Air AXS RSVsanta-cruz2022$12649
Bullit X01 Coil AXS RSVsanta-cruz2022$12649
Bullit XT Airsanta-cruz2022$10449
Bullit XT Coilsanta-cruz2022$10449
Cujo Neo 130 cannondale2021$3700
e-Omnia FT Type XT 1x12spbianchi2021-
e-Omnia T Type Gent Deore 10spbianchi2021-
e-Omnia T Type Gent Nexus 5spbianchi2021-
e-Omnia T Type gent XT 1x12spbianchi2021-
e-Omnia T Type Lady Nexus 5spbianchi2021-
e-Omnia T Type Lady XT 1x12spbianchi2021-
e-Omnia T Type Lasy Deore 10spbianchi2021-
El Kahunakona2021$2480
Fathom E+ 1 Progiant2020$3300
Fathom E+ 3 Powergiant2020$2250
Glory 1giant2020$4130
Habit Neo 2cannondale2021$7000
Habit Neo 4cannondale2021$5500
Heckler R 27.5santa-cruz2022$7699
Heckler R MXsanta-cruz2022$7699
Heckler S 27.5santa-cruz2022$9249
Heckler S MXsanta-cruz2022$9249
Heckler X01 RSV 27.5santa-cruz2022$12099
Heckler X01 RSV MXsanta-cruz2022$12099
Heckler XT 27.5santa-cruz2022$9899
Heckler XT MXsanta-cruz2022$9899
Moterra Neo 1 cannondale2021$9000
Moterra Neo 3 cannondale2021$6000
Moterra Neo SE cannondale2021$8500
Powerfly 4trek2021$3450
Powerfly FS 4trek2021$4500
Powerfly FS 9 Equippedtrek2021$5700
Rail 5trek2021$5030
Rail 7trek2021$6000
Rail 9.7trek2021$6380
Rail 9.8 XTtrek2021$8370
Rail 9.9trek2021$10130
Rail 9.9 X01 AXStrek2021$12490
Rail 9.9 XTRtrek2021$11370
Reign E+ 0 Progiant2020$6980
Reign E+ 1 Progiant2020$5250
Remote 130kona2021$4650
Remote 160kona2021$4730
Remote 160 DLkona2021$5480
S-Works Turbo Levospecialized2020$12000
S-Works Turbo Levo SLspecialized2020$12750
Stance E+ 2giant2020$3000
T-Tronik Sport TRK 9.1 Deore 1x10spbianchi2021$4350
Topstone Neo Carbon Lefty 3 cannondale2021$6000
Trance E+ 0 Progiant2020$5780
Trance E+ 2 Progiant2020$4280
Turbo Kenevo Compspecialized2020$5780
Turbo Kenevo Expertspecialized2020$7880
Turbo Levospecialized2020$5030
Turbo Levo Compspecialized2020$5850
Turbo Levo Comp Carbonspecialized2020$6600
Turbo Levo Expert Carbonspecialized2020$8250
Turbo Levo Hardtailspecialized2020$2780
Turbo Levo SL Compspecialized2020$6680
Turbo Levo SL Comp Carbonspecialized2020$7500
Turbo Levo SL Expert Carbonspecialized2020$9000