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Salsa Cycles

Salsa Cycles is another solid brand in the Quality Bicycle Products lineup. Salsa was founded in the early 80s by Ross Shafer and builds amazing machines that are designed for adventure. Their lineup hits all the major all-terrain categories including touring, mountain and gravel.


6400 W 105th St
MN, 55438
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Beargrease C Deore 11mountain2022$2899
Beargrease C SLXmountain2022$3599
Beargrease C X01 Eaglemountain2022$7099
Blackthorn Carbon GX Eaglemountain2021$6299
Blackthorn Carbon SLXmountain2021$4999
Blackthorn Carbon X01 Eaglemountain2021$7899
Blackthorn Deore 12-Speedmountain2021$3299
Blackthorn SLXmountain2021$4099
Cassidy Carbon GX Eaglemountain2021$6399
Cassidy Carbon SLXmountain2021$4999
Cassidy SLXmountain2021$4099
Cutthroat Apex 1gravel2020$2899
Cutthroat C Apex 1gravel2021$2899
Cutthroat C AXS Eaglegravel2021$7199
Cutthroat C GRX 600gravel2021$3499
Cutthroat C GRX 810gravel2021$4599
Fargo Apex 1gravel2021$2599
Horsethief Carbon SLXmountain2021$4799
Horsethief Carbon XTmountain2021$5699
Horsethief Carbon XTRmountain2021$7099
Horsethief SLXmountain2021$3399
Horsethief SX Eaglemountain2021$2799
Journeyman 24gravel2021$899
Journeyman Apex 1 650gravel2019$1499
Mukluk C XTmountain2022$4199
Mukluk microSHIFT ADVENT Xmountain2022$2099
Rangefinder Advent X 27.5+mountain2022$1099
Rangefinder Advent X 29mountain2022$1099
Rangefinder Deore 10 27.5+mountain2022$1099
Rangefinder Deore 10 29mountain2022$1099
Rangefinder Deore 11 27.5+mountain2022$1499
Rangefinder Deore 11 29mountain2022$1499
Rangefinder Deore 12 27.5+mountain2022$1699
Rangefinder Deore 12 29mountain2022$1699
Rustler Carbon SLXmountain2020$4799
Rustler Carbon XTmountain2020$5699
Rustler Carbon XTRmountain2020$7499
Rustler SLXmountain2020$3399
Rustler SX Eaglemountain2020$2799
Spearfish Carbon SLXmountain2021$4799
Spearfish Carbon XTmountain2021$5699
Spearfish Carbon XTRmountain2021$7499
Spearfish Deore 12mountain2021$2799
Spearfish SLXmountain2021$3399
Stormchaser GRX 810 1x SUSgravel2022$3499
Stormchaser Single Speedgravel2021$1799
Timberjack GX Eagle 27.5+mountain2021$2499
Timberjack GX Eagle 29mountain2021$2499
Timberjack Single Speed 27.5+mountain2021$1699
Timberjack Single Speed 29mountain2021$1699
Timberjack SLX 27.5+mountain2021$1799
Timberjack SLX 29mountain2021$1799
Timberjack XT 27.5+mountain2021$2099
Timberjack XT 29mountain2021$2099
Vaya GRX 600gravel2021$2699
Warbird Carbon Apex 1gravel2020$2799
Warbird Carbon AXS Widegravel2021$6999
Warbird Carbon GRX 600gravel2021$3299
Warbird Carbon GRX 810gravel2021$4299
Warroad Carbon 105 650gravel2020$3299
Warroad Carbon Apex 1 700gravel2020$2799