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Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Headquartered in Taiwan, Giant is the largest manufacturer of bicycles in the world. Started in 1972 as Giant Manufacturing, the company produced bicycles for many well-known brands. Business was so good that by 1981, Giant became its own brand and the first to apply computer-aided design techniques to its early carbon frames. Today, Giant creates every bike imaginable.


No.19, Shunfan Road, Longquan Village
Taichung City
Dajia Township, 437
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+886 4 2681-5209




Anthem 29 2mountain2020$2330
Anthem Advanced Pro 29 0mountain2020$8630
Anthem Advanced Pro 29 1mountain2020$4280
Fathom 1mountain2020$1470
Fathom 2mountain2020$1200
Fathom 29 1mountain2020$1470
Fathom 29 2mountain2020$1090
Fathom E+ 1 Proelectric2020$3300
Fathom E+ 3 Powerelectric2020$2250
Glory 1electric2020$4130
Reign 2mountain2020$2400
Reign 29 2mountain2020$2590
Reign Advancedmountain2020$3980
Reign Advanced Pro 29 0mountain2020$6980
Reign Advanced Pro 29 1mountain2020$4240
Reign Advanced Pro 29 2mountain2020$3380
Reign E+ 0 Proelectric2020$6980
Reign E+ 1 Proelectric2020$5250
Reign E+ 2 Promountain2020$4730
Revolt 1gravel2020$1280
Revolt 2gravel2020$980
Revolt Advanced 0gravel2020$3230
Revolt Advanced 2gravel2020$2180
Revolt Advanced Progravel2020$4200
Stance 2mountain2020$1500
Stance 29 2mountain2020$1500
Stance E+ 2electric2020$3000
Talon 1mountain2020$900
Talon 2mountain2020$700
Talon 29 1mountain2020$900
Talon 29 3mountain2020$530
Talon 3mountain2020$530
TCX Advancedgravel2020$2030
TCX SLR 2gravel2020$1430
ToughRoad SLR 1gravel2020$1090
ToughRoad SLR GX 1gravel2020$1130
ToughRoad SLR GX 2gravel2020$900
Trance 2mountain2020$2440
Trance 29 2mountain2020$2520
Trance 29 3mountain2020$2140
Trance 3mountain2020$2100
Trance Advanced 1mountain2020$3980
Trance Advanced 2mountain2020$3150
Trance Advanced Pro 29 0mountain2020$7500
Trance Advanced Pro 29 1mountain2020$4240
Trance Advanced Pro 29 2mountain2020$3750
Trance E+ 0 Proelectric2020$5780
Trance E+ 2 Proelectric2020$4280
Trance Jr 26mountain2020$1800
XTC Advanced 29 1mountain2020$3530
XTC Advanced 29 2mountain2020$2400
Yukon 1mountain2020$1580
Yukon 2mountain2020$1200