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Cannondale Bicycle Corporation

Cannondale was founded in 1971 as a bike touring bag and apparel manufacturer. Since then, Cannondale has continued pushing the boundaries of what cycling means. Innovation is at the heart of the company. Evident by being one of the first carbon frame manufacturers and a single-sided fork - the lefty. Wow.


1 Cannondale Way
CT, 06897
United States
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CAADX 1 gravel2021$1700
CAADX 105 gravel2021$1800
CAADX Tiagra gravel2021$1350
Cannondale Trail SE 1 mountain2021$2000
Cannondale Trail SE 2 mountain2021$1700
Cannondale Trail SE 3 mountain2021$1300
Cannondale Trail SE 4 mountain2021$1100
Cannondale Trail Women's SE 3 mountain2021$1300
Cannondale Trail Women's SE 4 mountain2021$1100
Cujo 1 mountain2021$1700
Cujo 2 mountain2021$1350
Cujo 3 mountain2021$1150
Cujo Neo 130 electric2021$3700
F-Si Carbon 2 mountain2021$5550
F-Si Carbon 3 mountain2021$4000
F-Si Carbon 4 mountain2021$3350
F-Si Carbon 5 mountain2021$2400
F-Si Carbon Women's 2 mountain2021$3500
F-Si Hi-MOD 1 mountain2021$8600
F-Si Hi-MOD World Cup mountain2021$11000
Fat CAAD 1 mountain2021$2000
Habit 4 mountain2021$2800
Habit 5 mountain2021$2300
Habit 6 mountain2021$2100
Habit Carbon 1 mountain2021$5500
Habit Carbon 2 mountain2021$4000
Habit Carbon 3 mountain2021$4200
Habit Carbon SE mountain2021$4750
Habit Carbon Women's 1 mountain2021$4200
Habit Neo 2electric2021$7000
Habit Neo 4electric2021$5500
Habit Women's 2 mountain2021$2700
Habit Women's Carbon 2 mountain2021$4000
Jekyll 29 4 mountain2021$3400
Jekyll Carbon 29 1 mountain2021$7500
Jekyll Carbon 29 2 mountain2021$5750
Jekyll Carbon 29 3 mountain2021$4250
Jekyll Carbon Women's 1 mountain2021$4250
Moterra Neo 1 electric2021$9000
Moterra Neo 3 electric2021$6000
Moterra Neo SE electric2021$8500
Scalpel Carbon 2 mountain2021$6300
Scalpel Carbon 3 mountain2021$4500
Scalpel Carbon LTD mountain2021$7500
Scalpel Carbon SE 1 mountain2021$5800
Scalpel Carbon SE 2 mountain2021$4000
Scalpel Carbon SE LTD mountain2021$7500
Scalpel Carbon Women's SE mountain2021$4100
Scalpel Hi-MOD 1 mountain2021$9450
Scalpel Hi-MOD Ultimate mountain2021$12000
Scalpel-Si Carbon 2 mountain2021$7150
Scalpel-Si Carbon 3 mountain2021$6000
Scalpel-Si Carbon 4 mountain2021$4500
Scalpel-Si Carbon SE mountain2021$5000
Scalpel-Si Carbon Women's 1 mountain2021$6000
Scalpel-Si Carbon Women's 2 mountain2021$4500
Scalpel-Si Hi-MOD 1 mountain2021$8800
Scalpel-Si Hi-Mod World Cup mountain2021$11000
Scarlet 1 mountain2021$1350
SuperX 1 gravel2021$4300
SuperX 2 gravel2021$3150
SuperX Force 1 gravel2021$4000
SuperX Force eTap AXS gravel2021$7050
SuperX GRX gravel2021$3150
SuperX Women's Force 1 gravel2021$4000
Tango 1 mountain2021$1300
Tango 2 mountain2021$1000
Tango 3 mountain2021$780
Tango 4 mountain2021$650
Tango 5 mountain2021$560
Tango 6 mountain2021$485
Topstone 1 gravel2021$1950
Topstone 105 gravel2021$1750
Topstone Carbon 105 gravel2021$2750
Topstone Carbon 2 gravel2021$4300
Topstone Carbon Force eTap AXS gravel2021$6750
Topstone Carbon Lefty 1 gravel2021$8000
Topstone Carbon Lefty 3 gravel2021$4000
Topstone Carbon Ultegra RX gravel2021$4200
Topstone Carbon Ultegra RX 2 gravel2021$3300
Topstone Carbon Women's Ultegra RX 2 gravel2021$3300
Topstone Neo Carbon Lefty 3 electric2021$6000
Topstone Sora gravel2021$1250
Topstone Women's 105 gravel2021$1750
Trail 1 mountain2021$1850
Trail 2 mountain2021$1600
Trail 3 mountain2021$1300
Trail 4 mountain2021$1000
Trail 5 mountain2021$875
Trail 6 mountain2021$775
Trail 7 mountain2021$675
Trail 8 mountain2021$575
Trail Women's 5 mountain2021$875
Trail Women's 6 mountain2021$775
Trail Women's 7 mountain2021$675
Trail Women's 8 mountain2021$575