29er Bikes

Big and fast is the name of the game with these high-clearance machines. If you like to roll hard on a set of 29 inchers, you came to the right place.

5010 Rsanta-cruz2022$4799
5010 Ssanta-cruz2022$5799
5010 X01santa-cruz2022$7799
5010 X01 AXS RSVsanta-cruz2022$9599
5010 XTsanta-cruz2022$6799
Anthem 29 2giant2020$2330
Anthem Advanced Pro 29 0giant2020$8630
Anthem Advanced Pro 29 1giant2020$4280
Beargrease C X01 Eaglesalsa2022$7099
Beaux Jaxon Force 1bearclaw2021$5990
Beaux Jaxon Force/XX1 AXSbearclaw2021$7790
Beaux Jaxon Rival 1 Hydraulicbearclaw2021$4990
Blackthorn Carbon GX Eaglesalsa2021$6299
Blackthorn Carbon SLXsalsa2021$4999
Blackthorn Carbon X01 Eaglesalsa2021$7899
Blackthorn Deore 12-Speedsalsa2021$3299
Blackthorn SLXsalsa2021$4099
Blur R TRsanta-cruz2022$4599
Blur Ssanta-cruz2022$5199
Blur S TRsanta-cruz2022$5499
Blur X01santa-cruz2022$7349
Blur X01 AXS RSVsanta-cruz2022$9149
Blur X01 AXS TR RSVsanta-cruz2022$9449
Blur X01 TRsanta-cruz2022$7649
Blur XTsanta-cruz2022$6149
Blur XT TRsanta-cruz2022$6449
Blur XX1 AXS RSVsanta-cruz2022$11299
Blur XX1 AXS TR RSVsanta-cruz2022$11599
Bronson Rsanta-cruz2022$5049
Bronson Ssanta-cruz2022$5949
Bronson X01santa-cruz2022$8049
Bronson X01 AXS RSVsanta-cruz2022$9849
Bronson XTsanta-cruz2022$6949
Bronson XX1 AXS RSVsanta-cruz2022$11399
Cannondale Trail SE 1 cannondale2021$2000
Cannondale Trail SE 3 cannondale2021$1300
Cannondale Trail Women's SE 3 cannondale2021$1300
Cassidy Carbon GX Eaglesalsa2021$6399
Cassidy Carbon SLXsalsa2021$4999
Cassidy SLXsalsa2021$4099
Cujo 1 cannondale2021$1700
Cujo 2 cannondale2021$1350
Cujo 3 cannondale2021$1150
Epic Hardtailspecialized2020$2250
Epic Hardtail Compspecialized2020$2630
Fathom 1giant2020$1470
Fathom 29 1giant2020$1470
Fathom 29 2giant2020$1090
Fuel EX 7trek2021$2630
Fuel EX 8 GXtrek2021$3230
Fuel EX 9.7trek2021$3980
Fuel EX 9.9 X01 AXStrek2021$8520
Fuse Comp 29specialized2020$1500
Fuse Expert 29specialized2020$2030
Glory 1giant2020$4130
Habit 4 cannondale2021$2800
Habit 5 cannondale2021$2300
Habit 6 cannondale2021$2100
Habit Carbon 1 cannondale2021$5500
Habit Carbon 2 cannondale2021$4000
Habit Carbon SE cannondale2021$4750
Habit Neo 2cannondale2021$7000
Habit Neo 4cannondale2021$5500
Habit Women's 2 cannondale2021$2700
Habit Women's Carbon 2 cannondale2021$4000
Hardtail Mountain Bike GX Eaglebearclaw2021$4790
Heckler R 27.5santa-cruz2022$7699
Heckler R MXsanta-cruz2022$7699
Heckler S 27.5santa-cruz2022$9249
Heckler S MXsanta-cruz2022$9249
Heckler X01 RSV 27.5santa-cruz2022$12099
Heckler X01 RSV MXsanta-cruz2022$12099
Heckler XT 27.5santa-cruz2022$9899
Heckler XT MXsanta-cruz2022$9899
Hei Heikona2021$2100
Hei Hei CR/DLkona2021$4880
Highball Rsanta-cruz2022$3299
Highball Ssanta-cruz2022$4049
Highball XTsanta-cruz2022$4699
Hightower D Aluminumsanta-cruz2022$3549
Hightower R Aluminumsanta-cruz2022$3999
Hightower R Carbon Csanta-cruz2022$4949
Hightower S Aluminumsanta-cruz2022$4899
Hightower S Carbon Csanta-cruz2022$5949
Hightower X01 AXS RSV Carbon CCsanta-cruz2022$9849
Hightower X01 Carbon CCsanta-cruz2022$8049
Hightower XT Carbon Csanta-cruz2022$6949
Honzo DLkona2021$1800
Horsethief Carbon SLXsalsa2021$4799
Horsethief Carbon XTsalsa2021$5699
Horsethief SLXsalsa2021$3399
Horsethief SX Eaglesalsa2021$2799
Jekyll 29 4 cannondale2021$3400
Jekyll Carbon 29 1 cannondale2021$7500
Jekyll Carbon 29 2 cannondale2021$5750
Jekyll Carbon 29 3 cannondale2021$4250
Jekyll Carbon Women's 1 cannondale2021$4250
Magma 9.S SX EAGLE 1x12spbianchi2021-
Magma 9S Deore 1x12spbianchi2021-
Megatower Rsanta-cruz2022$5149
Megatower Ssanta-cruz2022$6149
Megatower X01 Airsanta-cruz2022$8449
Megatower X01 AXS Coil RSVsanta-cruz2022$10249
Megatower X01 AXS RSVsanta-cruz2022$10249
Megatower X01 Coilsanta-cruz2022$8449
Megatower XT Airsanta-cruz2022$7049
Megatower XT Coilsanta-cruz2022$7049
Methanol CV FS 9.1 XX1 Eagle AXS 1x12sp bianchi2021$12200
Methanol CV FS 9.2 XTR XT 1x12spbianchi2021-
Methanol CV FS 9.3 XT SLX 1x12spbianchi2021-
Methanol CV RS 9.2 XTR 1x12spbianchi2021-
Methanol CV RS 9.3 XT 1x12spbianchi2021-
Methanol CV RS XX1 Eagle AXS 1x12spbianchi2021-
Methanol CV S 9.1 GX Eagle 1x12sp bianchi2021-
Moterra Neo 1 cannondale2021$9000
Moterra Neo 3 cannondale2021$6000
Moterra Neo SE cannondale2021$8500
Nitron 9.2 XT SLX 1x12spbianchi2021-
Nitron 9.3 XT SLX 1x12spbianchi2021-
Nitron 9.4 NX SX Eagle 1x12spbianchi2021-
Operator CRkona2021$3900
Play Bike 2.0 Trail Editionlandyachtz2021$2549
Procaliber 9.5trek2021$2070
Procaliber 9.6trek2021$2630
Procaliber 9.7trek2021$3980
Process 134 27.5kona2021$1880
Process 134 29kona2021$1880
Process 134 CR 29kona2021$3750
Process 134 CR/DL 29kona2021$4650
Process 134 DL 27.5kona2021$2930
Process 134 DL 29kona2021$2930
Process 134 Supremekona2021$8250
Process 153 27.5kona2021$2400
Process 153 29kona2021$2400
Process 153 DL 29kona2021$2930
Process X DLkona2021$5400
Rail 9.8 XTtrek2021$8370
Rail 9.9trek2021$10130
Rail 9.9 X01 AXStrek2021$12490
Rail 9.9 XTRtrek2021$11370
Rangefinder Deore 10 29salsa2022$1099
Rangefinder Deore 12 29salsa2022$1699
Reign 2giant2020$2400
Reign 29 2giant2020$2590
Reign Advanced Pro 29 0giant2020$6980
Reign Advanced Pro 29 1giant2020$4240
Reign Advanced Pro 29 2giant2020$3380
Remedy 8trek2021$3680
Remedy 9.8trek2021$5530
Remote 130kona2021$4650
Remote 160kona2021$4730
Remote 160 DLkona2021$5480
S-Works Stumpjumper SRAM AXS 29specialized2020$10520
Scalpel Carbon SE 1 cannondale2021$5800
Scalpel Carbon SE 2 cannondale2021$4000
Scalpel Carbon SE LTD cannondale2021$7500
Scalpel Carbon Women's SE cannondale2021$4100
Scalpel Hi-MOD Ultimate cannondale2021$12000
Scalpel-Si Carbon 2 cannondale2021$7150
Scalpel-Si Carbon 4 cannondale2021$4500
Scalpel-Si Carbon SE cannondale2021$5000
Scalpel-Si Hi-MOD 1 cannondale2021$8800
Scalpel-Si Hi-Mod World Cup cannondale2021$11000
Scarlet 1 cannondale2021$1350
Session 8 27.5trek2021$4500
Session 9.9 29trek2021$7880
Slash 7trek2021$3380
Slash 8trek2021$3750
Slash 9.7trek2021$4650
Slash 9.8 GXtrek2021$6000
Slash 9.8 XTtrek2021$6000
Spearfish Carbon SLXsalsa2021$4799
Spearfish Deore 12salsa2021$2799
Spearfish SLXsalsa2021$3399
Stance 29 2giant2020$1500
Stumpjumper 29specialized2020$2630
Stumpjumper Comp Alloy 29specialized2020$3000
Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy 29specialized2020$3380
Stumpjumper EVO Comp Carbon 27.5specialized2020$4730
Stumpjumper EVO Comp Carbon 29specialized2020$4730
Stumpjumper EVO Pro 29specialized2020$6750
Stumpjumper ST LTD Downieville Carbon 29specialized2020$6230
Supercaliber 9.7trek2021$4730
Supercaliber 9.9 XTRtrek2021$8890
Supercaliber 9.9 XX1trek2021$9380
Tallboy D Aluminumsanta-cruz2022$3349
Tallboy R Aluminumsanta-cruz2022$3899
Tallboy R Carbon Csanta-cruz2022$4649
Tallboy S Carbon Csanta-cruz2022$5699
Tallboy X01 AXS RSV Carbon CCsanta-cruz2022$9049
Tallboy X01 Carbon CCsanta-cruz2022$7899
Tallboy XT Carbon Csanta-cruz2022$8099
Talon 29 1giant2020$900
Talon 29 3giant2020$530
Tango 1 cannondale2021$1300
Tango 2 cannondale2021$1000
Timberjack GX Eagle 29salsa2021$2499
Timberjack Single Speed 29salsa2021$1699
Timberjack SLX 29salsa2021$1799
Timberjack XT 29salsa2021$2099
Top Fuel 9.8 GXtrek2021$5480
Top Fuel 9.9 XX1 AXStrek2021$9790
Trail 1 cannondale2021$1850
Trail 2 cannondale2021$1600
Trail 3 cannondale2021$1300
Trail 4 cannondale2021$1000
Trance 29 2giant2020$2520
Trance 29 3giant2020$2140
Trance Advanced 1giant2020$3980
Trance Advanced 2giant2020$3150
Trance Advanced Pro 29 0giant2020$7500
Trance Advanced Pro 29 1giant2020$4240
Trance Advanced Pro 29 2giant2020$3750
Turbo Levospecialized2020$5030
Turbo Levo Comp Carbonspecialized2020$6600
V10 DH S 27.5santa-cruz2022$6699
V10 DH S 29santa-cruz2022$6699
V10 DH S MXsanta-cruz2022$6699
V10 DH X01 27.5santa-cruz2022$8899
V10 DH X01 29santa-cruz2022$8899
V10 DH X01 MXsanta-cruz2022$8899
XTC Advanced 29 1giant2020$3530
XTC Advanced 29 2giant2020$2400